Brand Story

When Carrie Chen Jun tried to find the good name for this consulting business, she thought about Bamboo immediately. Because Bamboo plays a vital role in Chinese culture and its influence can be found in almost every facet of life.

For centuries, Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian countries have utilized bamboo for aesthetic, spiritual, and practical purposes throughout daily life. From Chines calligraphy brush, chopsticks and bamboo mats to tools for traditional tea ceremonies, there are even a number of bamboo items that continue their usefulness to this day. The Western world is beginning to appreciate bamboo for some of the same reasons, and imitating traditional bamboo tools and products.

Carrie Chen Jun was inspired by bamboo and played it with the other word boot, finally BAMBOOTING!

Bamboo symbolizes strength, acceptance of the natural flow and openness to wisdom in emptiness. Other meanings of bamboo in Chinese culture include commitment to continuous growth and living a simple and straightforward life. Booting mean advance and growth.

BAMBOOTING will share these special values mentioned above with our clients, work with small and medium-sized enterprises together and our experienced will help expand your potential.


Professional and creative team.

Business Oriented, Strong Knowledge & Expertise in Many Industries.

Tailored Business Solutions.

Quality Service & Cost-Effective.



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