MEET Carrie Chen Jun

Carrie Chen Jun founded BAMBOOTING in light as her passion to build bridges between East and West, where she can use her language skills, and share extensive business knowledge, to help European clients to expand their business in China and Japan or help Chinese clients look for investment opportunities/Find potential partners/sourcing in Europe.

She and her dedicated team of local and international partners assist both Chinese and Western companies in doing business together.

Carrie Chen Jun


Born and raised in Shanghai, I studied auditing before embarking on a career for Baring Asset Management and ING Barings where I experienced cross-cultural environments. I moved to Spain in 2002 to make a break with my financial background and try my hand at developing my other talents. However, the challenges of living abroad determined a new professional path.

I´ve worn many different hats in my career: State auditor, Broker in the stock markets, Trilingual interpreter & Translator, Conference speaker, Professional jazz singer and Theater actress, Master of Ceremonies, Writer, Social worker, Educationalist, Co-Founder of successful family business in China, Shanghai.

I have deep understanding on multiculture awareness and wide knowledge about doing business in China, Japan, UK and Spain. I specialize in international business, cross-cultural consulting and business strategy.

It´s a huge advantage that I speak Chinese Mandarin, English, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Portuguese fluently and have a basic knowledge of Russian and Hindi. I believe learning the culture behind languages. I have a special interest in Neuro-linguistic programming.

I regularly publish articles on intercultural topics and I’m authoress of the book “Casting Joy,” published in June 2015. “Un rincón chino de fantasias” and “Un quilin y su libro de jade” published in March and April 2016.

Some of my many interests include: traveling, jogging, reading, singing and acting. And above all, always learning.